Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why does it seem like it is so hard to just get the help I want?

Hopefully this week we will get it all sorted out. The test Dominic had done turned out not to be what I had thought and was just a hearing test. His hearing is fine...although I already knew that. The man said he would look in to doing a brain stem test, but he didn't sound very promising. He said they don't normally do this test this young unless the hearing test comes up with something. They were also concerned about sedation and his heart...they weren't sure where they would have to do the test. I think it is all very annoying. I want them just to do it, so that I can know if auditory processing is his issue. The OT is coming here tomorrow during school time to watch him in his own environment. She says that she thinks we should go through the autism assessment although it may seem like he does not have it....he could be high on the spectrum. I don't know what I want to do about this. I feel quite strongly that Dominic does not have autism (and it is not denial). I just don't feel that he really fits into the spectrum, I think it is more sensory or at least auditory processing problems. Autism is the popular thing now....although I know it is way too common, I just feel like they want to assume it first of all and don't look enough into other disorders. I just want to make sure I know what is the best way to teach him. Anyway hopefully the diet will help with this a little. I am starting to think he has stopped his throwing. Dominic was throwing obsessively. I mean throwing random things across the room at random times with no reason....all day long. I haven't been noticing this so much lately and I am wondering if this is the diet, he doesn't seem to be empty things constantly either. I don't know though because he still can't seem to play by himself, still puts things in his mouth all the time and other sensory behaviours. Maybe the diet is helping some though. I can't really say I have noticed any differences in his speech though.

We met with child care services to see what subsidy we qualified for and apparently we don't qualify for anything. It is very frusterating, we waited over a year on a list for them to tell us we don't qualify. So if we want Dominic in pre-school we are looking at 20 dollars for a morning. I would prefer he goes three mornings. I am just hoping that with driving the bus we can afford it. I am looking for other options, but I do really want him out with other kids socially and it is hard to take him to launch pads and stuff when I am schooling Jodi Lin at home. I also think he needs to be places without me. Sometimes I hate that we make more money now. The government has taken so much away and we are not approved for stuff we would have been before, plus Paul pays so much for gas to get to work. We end up having less money then before he had a good job. Oh wonder we have so many people living on low incomes.....there is not much of a reason to get educated and get a new job. I am sure one day we will notice more of an income but it is just so frusterating. I know preschool will be good for Dominic and I feel he needs it, so do the people who work with him, but because of our income we don't qualify for help. They have no idea how much money we actually have to spend. Sorry for all the venting....although isn't that what a blog is for.


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