Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally some real tests!

So we had the OT come out to observe Dominic. She said that although his play is quite functional (this is what she saw) he is constantly seeking sensory stimulation. The funny thing is in other environments he avoids it. She even pointed out how he comes down the stairs on his bum is a sensory thing....he always does this, very rarely walks down the stairs. She says he definetly has sensory issues and because of the speech delay as well she thinks we should go through with an assessment for Autism. I truly don't think that he has it, but I will go through the assessment. It doesn't really matter that much to me, if he is labeled with Autism he will get the help and if not atleast we have eliminated the option. The same day that the OT was here the audiologist from the clinic we went to called back and told me that he thinks he has found someone who will do a brain stem study on Dominic. This is what I wanted from the beginning. It will be done at London's children hospital. It is not booked yet, he had just called to get my permission to send the referal to the audiologist that would be able to do it.

I registered Dominic in a preschool program called alphabet soup. He will go on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:15-11:30. This was half the price of the daycare they had chosen for him. They were going to set him up with an early intergration program. This basically means someone helps and observes him while he plays at the daycare and assesses him the whole time he is there. This is basically to prepare a child for kindergarten, and make sure they have all the necessary aids they need in school. I think this is a great idea and although Dominic will not be going to kindergarten I am sure the info would have helped me and it would have been nice to know there was someone who was actually understanding Dominic there. Unfortunatly I don't think this can happen at the preschool program we registered him for. We had to go this way though because it was half the price, the important thing right now is that he has time with other kids in order to help develop his speech and social skills. I figure we will see how he does and if this works out fine, continue to do it. If not maybe later when we may feel we can afford it we can put him in the other daycare.

Anyway it looks like we may get some answers soon even if they are just to eliminate options. Dominic goes for his sedated echo on October 8th as well. Please pray the runny nose and cough get better so that we can have this done. They have not really gotten a very good look at his heart since the surgery since he won't stay still.

Anyway thanks for checking in!


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AmandaDoyle116 said...

Sounds like you are getting somewhere now!! Good for you for all your perserverence in getting this far. It will be helpful to get some results from these tests whatever they are. The daycare will be a nice break for you too, some one-on-one for you and Jodi-Lin. Looking forward to Thanksgiving! Hoping for sunshine!
luv Amanda