Sunday, February 1, 2009 has been a long time!

I really should start trying to update regularly. Anyway Dominic sedated ABR came back it looks like his speech problems having nothing to do with his hearing. Now we are looking into Apraxia and continuing with speech twice a week. He is actually doing really well and I am confident that if his teacher listens to him at school she will get to understand him. Although sometimes it does seem impossible to understand him, other times I laugh at the fact that I actually just understood what he said.

Dominic has his cardiology appointment on Tuesday, so pray all looks good. Hopefully we will be able to make it as right now the van is at the shop and the flu bug is going around the house. Dominic is done with it, but if Jodi Lin is home from school or I am sick we obviously won't be able to take him. He will likely need some blood work when we go in too, since his numbers seem to drastically change when he is sick.

I was just putting Dominic to bed and as I thanked God for the doctor's who fixed his heart....he started asking questions. He pointed out his scar and said "here?" I told him yes that is where the doctor's fixed your heart. They had to fix it for you to come home with Mommy and Daddy I told him. He said "no Jodi Lin fix heart" Or something along those lines.....meaning that Jodi Lin heart did not need to be fixed. I told him no just him, he had a special heart. He then asked why? I told him God gave it to him. I don't know if that is the right answer or not. I am not sure, I don't think God necessarily purposely makes these hearts develop wrong...or does he? No one else could do it. Is it just our genetics....but God created those. I found myself quiet confused as well. When Dominic asked why Jesus gave him a special heart that needed to be fixed....he seemed as though tears were starting in his eyes. I told him I did not know. What do you say????? Dominic continued to ask questions about the hospital and his heart, but I couldn't understand what he was asking. He got quite upset and started crying. This also made me sad because he tries so hard. I asked him if it was hard to talk. He said "NO YOU!" I said "I don't understand you?" ...."Yeah!" he said. He doesn't even realize that the words sound nothing like they should or he is just so used to us understanding anyway.

So anyway I have a very bright child on my hands who can't speak like he should be able to. He can now write his name with a little leading....he can't remember the order. He knows his numbers and letters by sight and is starting to write them. He can count to 10 and just loves working in work books. He is so ready for JK....except his speech. I really hope his teacher will just get him. Anyway if you are reading this thinking "I thought she was homeschooling?" you will have to look at the other blog....I will update that too. Anyway that is it for now....if you have any answers or insight into Dominic's tough questions....let me know!

Thank you