Friday, September 5, 2008

Hopefully at normal level!

Well the missed dose seemed to have done it. He actually missed the dose the next night as well, as no one had called me to tell me the results of the blood test and what to give him. I talk to them yesterday at 11:00am and they said his levels were in a therapeutic range so to continue giving him 3mg a day. So I started right then. Dominic's dose is now back to the morning which I prefer. We have to go back Monday for more blood work and hopefully the numbers are still in normal range.

Dominic also gets back in speech regularly next week. He will start going Thursday's at 3:30pm and we haven't scheduled the other day yet, but he will go twice a week.

Sedated Echo on October 8th (my birthday of course), he always has to hit the special days.

Anyway all else is good!

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