Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Darn INR levels!

So I don't know if it is because he was sick last week or because of the diet change but Dominic's blood thinner levels are a lot higher. They were at 1 the last time they checked so they increased his dose to 3mg. I guess ideal is about 2.5, well today he was 4.5. So we missed his dose tonight and bring him back for another blood draw tomorrow. Poor kid....he hates them! The doctor doesn't seem to think that the diet would effect his levels this much. I am bringing in the vitamins that he is on tomorrow....so they can make sure there is nothing in them that would effect his levels. They told me to watch him carefully and make sure he does not hurt himself as the high levels mean his blood is quite thin.

Please pray this gets sorted out! Also a fellow heart mom and friend from facebook has offered to send me her INR machine. Thanks Chrissie! This will mean that we will potentially be able to test his levels at home with a finger poke. It is very similar to diabetics testing their blood glucose levels. Pray that this works out and we will be able to stop all the trips to Mac soon.

Thanks for checking in!


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