Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Test tomorrow!

We have not been asked to go back for bloodwork yet so that is good. Dominic's levels must be better. Tomorrow he goes for the test in London where they are going to look more into his hearing and understanding. Apparently all this test is, is them asking him questions and having him point. This kinda bothers me because I know he has done well on this type of test before. I am happy he does well, but still concerned about his understanding and his ability to form words. I do feel he gets lost very easily in explanations and commands, I don't know maybe it is just his attention span. I just don't feel like he understands other things that most three year olds would understand. Well I guess we will see, if they see a concern they will test further and apparently they are really good at explaining the results to you that day so I can ask about anymore concerns if the test doesn't resolve my worries.

Dominic has made it to the top of the list for daycare subsidy. He was put on this list because of his speech delay so we just need to pick the preschool we would like him to go to and hope they have openings and that we can afford what we have to pay of it. The subsidy is a percentage based on income. I think it would be great for him to go a couple times a week and get the social time he needs and Jodi Lin and I can have some time together to do school.

Anyway so that is how things are going right now with Dominic. Heartwise he appears to be good although I don't believe his sats could have gone up much....he still looks just as off colour as he always has. I guess we will see at his echo on October 8th.

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Wendy said...

How did the testing go? Do you get results right away?
That's excellent about the subsidy. I'd recommend our preschool but it's in Hamilton which would not exactly be convenient for you. Maddy goes 3 mornings a week (she's 3 on the 24th) and she loves it.
I'll be thinking about you on the 8th and hoping for only positive news.
:) Wendy