Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finally A Date!

For those who don't already know. I called Sick Kids about three weeks ago to change my address with them and I figured I would check and see if they had any idea of a date for the surgery. I was told that I would probably have a date within the week and that they thought it would be in May. I was not expecting to get much of an answer at all...so I was quite surprised that they were actually thinking May. So the wait for the call began. Everytime the phone rang....I jumped and my stomach jumped....everytime I heard the beeping alert on the phone saying there was a message....my stomach jumped again.

Then finally this past Friday when we were getting home from Dominic's speech I checked the messages and there was one from Sick Kids. The message started..."Hello, this is Maricore from Sick Kids, I will be in my office until noon today...." I glanced at the clock at this time and saw that it was exactly 12:00pm. I listened to the message and waited for a date or a number for me to call. She left neither but said she did have a date. I hung up and searched the net for the number of Sick Kids cardiac clinic. (I don't call it much since Dominic is normally followed at Mac). Anyway I call and get a directory....I listened to about 15 names and was not hearing Maricore's so I hung up and called again. This time I just asked the receptionist if she could transfer me. That work much better. Maricore answered her phone at about 12:06. I was so happy I caught her before she left, I really didn't want to wait another weekend. So well I am talking to her she asks if I have a pen and paper ready while she tells me the date....June 17th. I think "I am pretty sure I will remember that date". I asked Maricore if she knew what that date was and she seemed quite confused. "It's his birthday" I told her. She felt bad and apologized, apparently she hadn't even noticed. I told her not to worry...I was very happy we finally had our date.

How crazy is that though. Dominic has only spent less then six weeks in the hospital in his whole life, which is very good for a child with his heart defects. But in that six weeks he has spent....Our anniversary, Father's day, Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas in the hospital. This time around we will also add his birthday and our anniversary a second time that is, as long as the surgery does not get postponed or anything.

Anyway so soon we are to hop back on the rollercoaster and I am feeling it in the pit of my stomach already. Please keep Dominic and all of us in your prayers. I will keep this blog updated with all that is going on.

Thank you,



Retrobaby said...

I'm very happy to hear that you finally got a date. Sorry to hear about the whole Birthday thing, I know what it's like spending special occasions in the hospital. Your blog looks great by the way. Take care!!


Heather said...

we've had christmas, 2 valentines, ed's b-day, and now mother's day. great blog, i see you figured out the pictures! looks great!

marybeary said...

so happy to hear you finally have date set. We'll be thinking of you guys.


Sharon G said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog...I am happy that you have a date for your son's operation...though I am sorry that it will take place at such a special time. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers...especially as the date approaches.
As a side note, you should check out my other site, http://heartbeats.ning.com/ It is an online community/support group for families impacted by CHD. There are a few other mothers who have children who have been at Sick Kids.

jkbram said...

Hey ~ Just checking in on you all! PK is having surgery that same day...he's having his tonsils out...we are hoping that will help with the "yuck" during the October to may season. We then vist the Card Doc on the 27th. We are getting ready to set up the pool for the summer, now that it has decided to be summer out!! Hopefully by next weekend we will be able to swim..hehe!! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and will send you many prayers always...especially June 17th. Wishing you the best Birthday ever and an even more successful surgery! All our Love and prayers, Jade, Parker and family