Friday, April 11, 2008

To the floor we go

Mommy's Journal - July 6th

Today you moved to the step-down room and they are thinking that you should be in your own room by tomorrow. You look great and feel great in my arms, you don't seem to be struggling anymore.

Mommy's Journal - June 10th/05

You got your own room on Friday, a day later then expected, but that is okay. You have been keeping Mommy really busy ever since. Last night you kept me up until 3:30am. The nurses have taught your daddy and I how to feed you through the feeding tube as well as how to give you your meds. Jodi Lin has been very happy to see you the last few days. She like to look at you and talk to you, kiss and hug you. She seems to have a little girl crush on the nurse that you had yesterday and Today. His name is Hugh and Jodi Lin kept following him around and wanted him to stay with her all day.

Dominic just kept getting better and better, as we learned how to take care of him at the hospital. He came home July 15th, on the feeding tube. He had to have his food thickened that he took by mouth as a feeding study showed that he asperated thin liquids. I pumped for 3 and a half months, hoping that one day I would be able to nurse my boy, which they never let me do, even in the beginning before surgery.

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