Friday, April 11, 2008

The Glenn Surgery

Dominic's Glenn surgery was booked for December 21st, 2005. So we celebrated Christmas at home early. We actually just did it, once we had all the gifts bought. So Santa came on December 13th just before midnight, while the kids were in the bath. I know it was crazy late, and I can't remember why the kids were still up anyway. The kids didn't know the difference though and they were just happy that Santa came. Dominic's surgery this time around went much better. We got into Ronald McDonald house right away unlike the 2 weeks we had to wait the last time. Dominic did amazing. He was extubated the first night and pulling his sats probe off his toe 2 days post op. Santa came again at Ronald McDonald house on Christmas morning and also at the Hospital. Christmas was the first day that Dominic smiled after surgery and that was the best christmas gift ever, he also got his last line taken out on Christmas day. We stayed one more day in the ward because he had a slight fever. We were able to go home on boxing day and have christmas with our family. Dominic started getting so much better after this surgery. He ate like a normal child and he ate a lot. He crawled at 11 months (a little late) but pulled himself up right after that and started crusing around the furniture. He waited until 15 months to actually let go and walk. Now he runs everywhere although he is beginning to tire out really easily. Dominic still doesn't talk much at all, but he is in speech therapy and we are working on that. He does sign a lot of things and communicates well with little speech.

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