Friday, June 20, 2008

Up and About today

June 19/08 Dominic is doing well he moved up to stepdown today just after lunch and very soon will be moving to his own room....only 2 days post op. He is miserable...but we can all understand that. He is starting to get okay at taking his pain meds, hopefully he is understanding they help. He does seem to be in a lot of pain. His sats are still low and he is relying on oxygen and draining quite a bit from two of his chest tubes. He is still doing extremely well though.
June 20/08 Dominic was moved to his own room last night and I have been able to stay with him in a parent bed. He walked down to the playroom today and coloured and played for two hours. He was able to eat 2 and a half chicken nuggets and had one of his draining tubes removed. They are a little concerned that he is not drinking enough fluids though. He is still receiving oxygen but not much. He is doing amazingly well.


Wendy said...

Yippee! Great news that he's up and about and eating and had a tube removed!!!! That's fabulous! What an amazing little guy you have there!

(hugs) to you all, hoping you are home soon!


Heather said...

that's awesome! thank God that dominic's doing so well! you'll bring him home before you know it! go dominic go! :)

Sue said...

Thank you Jenaia for keeping us informed. It's nice to know what we need to pray for specifically for Dominic as well as the rest of the family.

I'm praying that you will all be back home soon.