Monday, June 23, 2008

Update for June 23/08

I am sorry I have not updated. It has been hard to get to the computers...specially on the weekend. Dominic moved to his own room on Thursday night. The same day he moved upstairs. He has been doing well. He just came off of oxygen yesterday. He was needing it for night time. He is still draining out of one tube, but it is really decreasing. For those heart moms out there....he has tested negative for Kyle(or whatever it's called). Right now we are waiting for the draining to stop and for the docs to figure out the right dose of coumadin(blood thinners) that he needs. Dominic is not eating or drinking well...which concerns me but the doctors are not making a big deal about it. He has only drank like 3 hundred and so many cc's today so far and it is almost 8pm. Yesterday and Saturday he hit his minimum of 700 cc's. In order to get him to take anything we really have to push him. Including chocolate milk. Anyway we are doing very good though considering. He is getting up everyday and playing in the play room for hours. He is off of the monitors now, only has the chest tube.

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