Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doing Well!

I am sorry I haven't been able to update this page in some rooms in the hospital. But when we got to the hospital this morning Dominic was extubated it happened at 4 am. He was doing well and number are not too bad.

Quote from Dominic's nurse:"
He is recovering really let me re-word that He is recovering extremely well!" He is drinking lots and eating freezies and jello. We have tried some solid food but he refused to eat it. He got rid of his IV in his hand (Atrial Line), the NG tube and the catheter. He is beginning to act more like himself(not the happy part though)...which is making things a little hard. He still needs the oxygen...but he keeps getting mad and pulling out the nose prongs, so they are trying him with just the tube blowing at his face. He seems to be okay with that but his O2 sats are only sitting in the low seventies although without the O2 he was in the sixties. We would like him in the 90s although the 80's is okay....that is where he was before surgery. They should go up though. They aren't too concerned about this yet as he still has a lot of fluid that he needs to get rid of. He is coughing really well...which is good. He is also blowing bubbles. Mostly he is watching a lot of movies and sleeping. Just tonight when I went into see him I got to hold him for a bit. It was difficult with all the lines and neither of us were that comfortable. He is quite miserable now and in pain but he doesn't want to take his meds. Please pray for him to be calm and take his meds if he needs them. We should definetly be upstairs tomorrow, apparently he is ready. Thanks for checking in and for all your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for a couple of other heart babies for me too. Cole goes in for surgery tomorrow morning. Wyatt has been in the ICU for quite awhile and having a rough time. And Patrick...he had his fontan yesterday too...he was first case but is having a really hard time. They are talking about taking what they did out..but that would mean he would probably be listed for a transplant.
Thank you


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