Monday, November 22, 2010

Wow...I am terrible at keeping a blog. I am sure no one will check it to see the update anyway.

So lots has happened since the last time I updated. Dominic had his fenestration closure in July of 2009 and he has been doing really well since. His oxygen saturations jumped up to 96 after the procedure. In September of 2009 I found out I was pregnant with our third child. After 2 and a half years God decided now was the time. Now that Dominic was stable, no more coumadin (actually he was on no meds at all after his fenestration closure), no more blood work and in school full time. So in May of this year Dominic got to meet his new little brother Josiah, who is such a happy little addition to this family. God figured we had enough trouble with Dominic so he gave us one of the easiest babies ever.

Dominic is now in SK and doing really well in school. He went to see the cardiologist in September and was put on baby aspirin as they saw some clotting. His oxygen saturations are also going down again and would not go any higher then 92, but apparently there is no reason to worry yet and he does not go back again until next year. We just had him at a pediatrician in Hamilton at Chedoke to do a development assessment on him, and mostly look into his speech impairment. I fought to get this appointment as Dominic's speech has been his biggest problem next to his heart for a long time. He has been followed by speech therapy for more then 3 years and is still difficult for most people to understand and even sometimes Paul, Jodi Lin and I have no idea what he is saying. So the pediatrician looked at everything and actually listened to me and Dominic was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech with additional sensory issues. So far this diagnosis does not do much for us but to explain what the problem is, but kids with Apraxia often have other issues with learning, particularly handwritting (motor planning). So we will wait and see how things continue. He is doing wonderful in school right now and is really enjoying it, there is no need for extra help. Things may become more difficult as he gets older though.

Some great news! Dominic and our whole family got to spend a week in Florida at Give Kids the World for Dominic's wish trip. A limo picked us up from our house at 9:30am on November 6th and we returned home on the 13th. We had lots of fun and were completly spoiled. Dominic was over stimulated and over tired so we did see some not so nice behaviours while there and after getting home, but things are getting back to normal already. While there Dominic got to do Jedi training, which was really neat. He got to fight Darth Vadar with a play light saber, it was really cool and we got some nice pictures. At Island of Adventure we had breakfast with Spiderman and Dominic loved that. His wish was to meet Spiderman and we got to meet him along with many other superheroes. We had our family picture taken with all the superheroes at Island of adventure. Josiah was a superbaby for the vacation (as usual) he loved all the people at the park and of course got lots of attention. Jodi Lin loved all the rides and meeting the different characters including princesses and fairies. We all had a wonderful time, but our happy to be back home into the normal routine.

I will try to update more often, but I am promising nothing. Thanks for checking in if you did!


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Wodzisz Family said...

Thank you for the update. I have you on my blog list, so I see the updates. I am happy to read that he is doing so well and CONGRATULATIONS on Josiah!